Risk Informed Decision Support (RIDS) System

RIDS Community of Practice (CoP) strategies

RIDS platform development is one of the core values of the project. Another is the development of a Community of Practice – a diverse group of climate change modellers, analysts and decision makers. This CoP serves itself in two critical purposes – the first, directly, is the cross-pollination of ideas, techniques and technologies and the second, indirectly, is to guide the core development of the RIDS platform. More specifically, the RIDS CoP will:

  • Promote science-based climate change practice;
  • Promote climate change model and tool sharing through a community portal that leverages project management (e.g. SourceForge.net) and Wiki-like mechanisms;
  • Provide a conduit for delivering software and information to its members;
  • Invite participation and dialogue between inside and outside perspectives;
  • Enable broad software development support for climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • Provide a web based forum new knowledge sharing;
  • Present workshops on training and software development;
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration in projects;
  • Enhance public awareness of, and communication with, the CoP.
  • We have established relationships and communications among major players to enable further collaboration and development of model libraries, tools and application features. With individuals in the climate change research, software development, model development, urban planning and adaptation practitioner roles, these partners include elements of the following groups:

  • Regional institutes from China, Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand;
  • Research institutes and universities such as IAP, CAS, CSIRO, Yonsei, Ji’nan, Delhi, Nanjing, Waikato;
  • International Financial Institutions: ADB, WB;
  • International Climate Change Organizations: APN, MAIRS, CORDEX, CMIP, OCMIP, ALM;
  • Planning institutes: Guangzhou, Beijing, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, and Philippines;
  • Practitioners: Ramboll Environ, AECOM, ARUP, CH2MHILL, and ESRI.
  • An in-depth implementation of RIDS will rely on more collaborations to ensure that a wide range of needs are, or can be, met by the platform.

    Figure 1 RIDS Community of Practice approaches