About IGCI

IGCI is a not-for-profit global change institute established by scientists and citizens concerned with global change, the environment and society's relationship with, and management of, change. The name IGCI was once affiliated with the University of Waikato. In its role as a University-based Institute it focused primarily on climate change and planning with strong auxiliary interests in development studies and positive environmental and social change. Staff at the Institute also supported the supervision of postgraduate students including many international PhD students.The ethos of the original Institute has been carried forward to the new IGCI. Some former staff of the now closed University Institute are founding members of the new and revitalized Institute. While a new not-for-profit the Institute draws on the considerable experience of its members we welcome others to join us and help grow its voice for sustainable climate resilient development that is inclusive, transparent and multicultural.

Mission Statement

IGCI promotes sustainable urban and rural development that is environmentally and socially responsible. We focus on issues driven by global environmental change with an emphasis on climate and related changes in its many forms. We encourage action and engage with like-minded groups and individuals that strive to build a better world for all.


The International Global Change Institute is registered through the Companies Office of New Zealand's Societies and Trusts Section. A copy of the Rules of the Society can be accessed here.

Workshop on Climate Change and Urban Adaptation in Beijing, China

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